I would like to thank Williams Hall Chadwick for their in depth knowledge of the small business capital gains tax legislation.  When I sold a significant part of my business, the correct application of the small business capital gains tax legislation (in my case - active asset concession, replacement asset concession and the retirement exemption) meant that I paid minimal tax on the sale. 

In fact, a detailed review of the capital gain was conducted by the Australian Taxation Office, which would concern a number of taxpayers.  However, I had full confidence in both the knowledge of the Directors and staff at Williams Hall Chadwick that their application and treatment of the capital gain would be correct.  The Directors and staff at Williams Hall Chadwick kept me informed during each phase of the ATO review, meaning that I could rest assured that my work was being professionally handled.  

I continue to use the services of Williams Hall Chadwick and they continue to provide knowledgeable advice in relation to my ongoing compliance requirements. 

Jeff Marr
Director Online Referral Networks Australia and
Former Director of Online Marketing Group Pty Ltd and Bookmaker.com.au Pty Ltd

Online Referral Networks Australia

We use Williams Hall Chadwick as our auditors and have always found them to be competent and proficient in the audit services provided.   Williams Hall Chadwick continues to complete a comprehensive audit of our financial records in an efficient and timely manner.

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